As a new business ourselves we understand the importance of marketing and standing out. That is why we are offering a package we are calling 'connect'.

Social media is something you cannot ignore. It may be addictive and sometimes depressing but your customers are on there. We know how difficult it can be to grab people's attention when there are so many alternatives. Most importantly, it is so easy for people to forget you. No matter if you have a loyal customer base, or are just starting out, one thing is for sure:

You need to remind people of who you are and what you offer.

This is why we have developed this subscription-based service.
You choose, either every month or bi-monthly we will produce a total of five minutes worth of video for you. We suggest dividing those five minutes into three separate videos to meet some technical standards for social media pages.

How you use those five minutes is entirely up to you. But we will assist you with our know-how and technical skills. Many people watch videos on their phones, whether commuting or sitting in their living room, they do not watch videos with audio all the time. Therefore, every video we produce for you will come with the option for English subtitles burned on.

We will arrange a meeting either in person, Skype or telephone. In this meeting, we will discuss what you would like to achieve this month, bounce ideas, devise a plan and set a date and time for us to film. Once filming is completed we will edit the footage and give you a chance to review it. This is your chance to change things and give us feedback. After this, we will deliver the agreed upon number of polished videos. The entire production process will take a maximum of 8 working days from the first day of filming. ¹

If the subscription service is not for you, don't worry. We offer the same package of up to five minutes of video content without commitment. Within the first three months after your shoot, you can still decide to take advantage of our subscription service without any extra charges.

After speaking to many businesses, we have decided to offer two separate packages. We call them 'rise' and 'prosper'.
Often the new start-ups or charities cannot afford the bigger budgets that larger organisations can.

If any of these points apply to you we suggest you go for the relevant package:

¹ We will notify you in advance if we cannot deliver within time promised


  • You have been trading for less than three years
  • You employ less than 5 people (full time)
  • You are a charity or social enterprise


  • You employ more than 5 people (full time)
  • You have been trading for more than three years
  • Your company is represented in multiple locations


Get in touch for a quote

  • 30 minute planning meeting
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Up to 5 minutes of video content
  • 1 feedback loop

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Get in touch for a quote

  • 1 hour planning meeting
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Up to 5 minutes of video content
  • 2 feedback loops

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One off

Get in touch for a quote

  • 30 minute planning meeting
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Up to 5 minutes of video content
  • 1 feedback loop

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Why do we not list our prices?

It's not to be mysterious. When it comes to film-making or any sort of creative profession. It's very difficult to set one price that fits every need. You may only need ten seconds of video, but that video may feature explosions on top of the Tyne Bridge and Tom Cruise jumping off said the bridge to save a Gregg's Sausage roll. That would be an extremely expensive ten seconds of video. If you were wondering.

Which is why we encourage everyone to come and have a chat with us. We may come up with ideas and find that it won't require anywhere near the price quoted. The most important thing to note is we want to be transparent and be able to walk you through everything you are paying for. Just as you would do when you go to a restaurant and receive the bill. We don't want to rip you off.

If you are interested and want to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch, after all, we offer free consultations.

Payment methods


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Address: A Kenny Film Ltd.,
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