Why actors should consider monologues

In Marketing by David

Just like in any artistic sector trying to stand out in what is a competitive environment can be difficult. You have to market yourself and regularly tell people what you are able to do. It's no different when it comes to acting.

Producing a showreel can be a start but what if you have only featured in one or two films and maybe the project didn't showcase you at your best? It could also be that you keep getting cast as the same middle-aged villain and you would like to try out as a middle-aged hero.

This is where monologues can come in handy. Consequently, why should you consider using one?

  • You're the director

    You get to decide what to perform and as who

  • Show you at your best

    Showcases you at your best and what you are capable of

  • You learn

    You will learn a lot from reading scripts which will prepare you for when you are given the big break

  • Discover more about your character

    What sort of character do you play best? What're your weak points and strong points and then fine-tune your best character

  • They're short and to the point

    We recommend a monologue to be no longer than two minutes which gives directors and agents enough time to decide

  • It's all about you

    Monologue comes from the Greek word 'monologos' mono meaning single. If you can hold the attention of a director and agent all on your own you are one step closer to securing that break

It's with all this that we are pleased to offer services to help actors and actresses in the North East get that next big role. We will produce videos of your monologues that will make you stand out from the crowd. To find out more click here.