Made over three years, It Is Not One Way is A Kenny Film's first feature-length documentary. It may look like it’s about three men having a meal and talking.

But, there is much, much more than that going on. These three men represent what is a divided United Kingdom. 

Produced by David Kenny and Doris Lechner this film comes at a time where the World’s cultural and political landscape is changing. Divisions and differences cause conflict between communities, and often these conflicts are taken to the streets. What we want to achieve with this film is to convey the message that discussion is an alternative, even if we aren’t all in agreement. We hope that anyone watching It Is Not One Way pauses and considers the other side of their own viewpoint and that they can have meaningful, and hopefully productive and enlightening conversations of their own.

Being able to gain the trust of these three people is what makes this film special. When they could be shouting or attacking one another we were able to provide a safe environment where they could debate their concerns and wildly differing views. It was always our intent to produce an impartial film in which the viewer can make their own conclusions rather than simply being told who the bad guy is.

We’re in one of the most conflicted periods in world politics. The EU Referendum and Donald Trump's election campaign have changed the landscape, and we believe that our film which runs for 70 minutes provides an insight into how grassroots political discourse can still be possible.

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