It Is Not One Way – Kickstarter campaign announcement

In Film by David

For the past few weeks, I have been working away on the Kickstarter campaign for the film 'It Is Not One Way'. The film is done but I need some help to get the film out to the public with our ambition still being to get the film inside of cinemas.

So next week you will see us launch our Kickstarter campaign where you will be able to receive a whole range of rewards from an early download of the film to having fish and chips with one of the guys.

It's exciting times and I really can't wait to share the film with you all! Watch this space...

This film comes at a time where the World’s cultural and political landscape is changing. Divisions and differences cause conflict between communities, and often these conflicts are taken to the streets. What we want to achieve with this film is to convey the message that discussion is an alternative, even if we aren’t all in agreement. We hope that anyone watching It Is Not One Way pauses and considers the other side of their own viewpoint and that they can have meaningful, and hopefully productive and enlightening conversations of their own.

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Shout out to the artist Alexandre Le Scornet for the great work he has done in making the main Kickstarter image for our campaign. Also shout out to Jonathan Bradley for the great photos!