It Is Not One Way – We are live on Kickstarter!

In Film by David

The Kickstarter campaign for 'It Is Not One Way' has been active for 2 days now, raising over £500. Which is truly amazing. Check out the campaign by clicking here.

I've been talking to a few people and there has been a recurring question on how Kickstarter works so I am writing this to explain how not only our campaign works but any campaign.

  • Kickstarter is all or nothing

    We will not receive a penny of your money if we do not reach £6000 by 23:55 BST on June 17th. Meaning if John Smith pledges £50 today, that money will not leave his bank until after 17th presuming we reach £6000.

  • Kickstarter is all about you

    It's a crowdfunding platform and it's important to say that it's not a donation platform. If you pledge some money you receive a reward. Whether it is a premiere ticket or just a DVD. It's important that if you back this you spread the word. You won't receive your DVD or any reward if we do not hit that £6000. This platform is all about the power of the crowd. There's only so much we can do but really the power lies with you. That could be talking to a friend or using social media to promote the campaign.

  • It's easy to back on Kickstarter

    When I last ran a Kickstarter campaign it was 2013 and you had to sign up to the platform with your email and password. Now, you can pledge within 3 minutes as a guest with only your email and payment details required.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any queries, no question is ever silly.

Twitter: @dkennyfilm or Facebook

Thanks again for those who are sharing and being so generous, you are helping massively.