It Is Not One Way: You haven’t missed out on the Kickstarter rewards

In Film by David

We did it. 127 people pledged their support for the release of our first feature 'It Is Not One Way' meaning that the film will be released! Thank you everyone.

Following quite a number of requests for people to continue to help with the distribution and impact campaign for 'It Is Not One Way', we have chosen to set up an online order form. This is because you can no longer back on Kickstarter due to the campaign being finished.

First off please do check out the Kickstarter to find out what each reward is and also if you don't already know, what the film is all about. The only difference is that you will no longer be credited alongside the initial Kickstarter backers unless you sponsor the film.

Rewards still available

£10 or more
Digital download of the film - No deadline
You will get access to watch the film via the online platform Vimeo. This perk would be best suited for those who prefer streaming.
Delivery: October 2018

£15 or more
DVD of the film - DEADLINE TO GET THIS REWARD (30th September)
Prefer to watch your films via something physical, no problem. On each DVD you will find the full film with special features, such as behind the scenes and other cool extras.
Delivery: October 2018

£20 or more
BluRay of the film - DEADLINE TO GET THIS REWARD (30th September)
Do you appreciate the extra quality? Can tell the difference between standard definition and high definition? Well. The film was shot entirely in full HD so take advantage of that and see the film in it's the best format. Alongside the film, you will get special features, such as behind the scenes and other cool extras.
Delivery: October 2018

£80 or more
Skype with the director - No deadline
Curious to hear some of the stories that go alongside making a film of this nature? Or just want some advice? Then have a Skype session with the director. With this perk, you have the option of either a digital download/DVD/BluRay. The Skype call can happen whenever is best suited to both parties and will be for a maximum of one hour.
Delivery: October 2018

£150 or more
Invitation to the Premiere - DEADLINE TO GET THIS REWARD (8th July)
Come and watch the film in the cinema with the cast for the first time. This is also the earliest point any person will get to see the film. Alongside this, you will get to meet with some of the cast and crew and also take away a copy of the film. You will also receive all the perks associated with the 1st reward. *Premiere will be held in the North East. Travel & Accommodation is not included.
Delivery: July 2018

£1,000 or more
Sponsor the release - DEADLINE TO GET THIS REWARD (3rd October)
If you are passionate about freedom of speech and stopping further divisions in society you may want your name attached to this film. For the sponsorship, you will have your name (or business) at the front of the film and in the credits. You will also be mentioned in any nationwide press we receive and receive all the perks above. If you are interested in this but want to know more you can get in touch with us.
Delivery: October 2018

Paying for the reward

You have four options: BACS, Cash, Debit/credit card (5% charge), Paypal

In order to get the ball rolling we require all those interested to fill out this form below, we will then be in touch via email within two working days with the necessary instructions. If  the form does not show correctly click here.

If you have any questions please get in touch via our contact us page.