A Kenny Film is a film production company based in Newcastle upon Tyne We specialise in factual entertainment, focussing on human interest stories. In a world where there are many platforms for so many voices, we believe in giving those who may not have the resources a platform from which they can deliver their stories. We are believers in creating documentaries to provoke a response, whether that is a discussion or an epiphany. From the mobile phone to the cinema, we can deliver to any platform and would encourage you to use as many as you can to reach the largest audience possible. Everybody has a story, it's whether or not it's being heard, that is the question.

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David Kenny is the director of A Kenny Film, he graduated in 2013 from Sunderland University with a degree in digital film production. For his dissertation, he directed and edited a short documentary set in Kenya about a football team who were backed by Sunderland AFC fans.... 4000+ miles away. During university, he jointly ran a successful small business called The Unlikely Lads, where he worked with a wide range of clients from nightclub promoters to local charities like Show Racism the Red Card. He has since worked at both Sunderland AFC and at  Gateshead FC and is currently working on his debut feature film The Great Diversion.


Doris Lechner is the producer at A Kenny Film. Doris graduated from the first official course in film production at the BFI Vienna in Austria, specialising in the business side of film and television. Doris has a keen eye for marketing and finance, knowing where to apply for certain grants and where to go for certain audiences. Having worked for multiple production companies in Austria, Doris is now transferring all her experience to England.


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